Belt conveyors

The belt conveyors manufactured by CAMImpianti are used for the transportation of materials in powders, granules or bigger granules, on horizontal or sloping paths.
They can be of the flat model, with the conveyance belt running while supported by a floor in plate, or of the concave model, with the belt supported by pairs of idle rollers for the sliding located in the shape of a “V”; besides, they can be uncovered or cased, according to the different needs.

- in carbon steel
- in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

For the conveyor belt many different kinds of materials are available (oil-proof rubber, PVC, etc.) with different resistance levels. Besides, it is possible to supply sliding rollers with different coatings, as well as for draft and transmission drums, while many kinds of cleaning scrapers are available, according to the product to be conveyed.

Machinery above described could be supplied also in ATEX version if required.

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