Ecology & Environment

Treatment, selection and conveying of urban waste

The care for environment and  waste recycling is a major issue nowadays. For this reason CAMImpianti has gained experience in planning and producing machines and plants for  treatment and urban waste selection coming from recycling and non.
In this field we matured experience in Compost sifting, mixing and transport, in selectioning and pressing plastics, paper, tins, in conveyance of clean and ground PET , of ashes from incinerators and in inertization of biological sludge.
Wastes not presenting those features to be qualified as secondary raw materials, must be reduced into very small quantities before being submitted – after treatment - to energy recovery.
Plants for Compost handling are based on mechanical conveying systems, suitable for products with different dimensions.   The same also applies to  plants for recyclable material handling, while for PET diluted phase pressure conveyance system are used.

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