Bucket elevators

The bucket elevators of the ETS series have been planned to obtain the highest possible standard in the transportation of products in powders and granules.
The special shape of the head and of the buckets of the belt elevators, together with the narrow space that they occupy on the belt, remarkably help carrying out a uniform discharge and high rate with a minimum encumbrance of the machine.
The structure is dustproof and many shutters, inspection holes and special detachable sections in the most important and accessible parts are available, for inspections and maintenance operations.

- in carbon steel
- in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

On request, apart from the above mentioned materials, the buckets can be delivered in abrasion proof steel or in plastic material.

Special versions:
- gravity coupling instead of screw coupling
- protections for open air installations
- cage pulleys or rubber-coated pulleys

Machinery above described could be supplied also in ATEX version if required.

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