Vertical mixers

The vertical mixers of the MV series are built with a special screw conveyor device that is vertically inserted into the centre of a cylindric container with a cone-shaped lower basis, collecting and conveying the product that must be mixed by recycling it continually, thus obtaining a well-blended and uniform compound. The mixers can be supplied with a support for their installing on the floor, or with shelves; besides, in case of materials that are not smooth, it is possible to supply a model with a 25° discharge come, with the same size
but with a 5% decrease in its capacity.

Main features:
- Filling door, manhole and exhaust bag on the lid
- Two inspection shutters
- Screw shaft rotating on roller bearings with double ring gear for the external supports equipped with seal
- Transmission by means of a “V” belt
- Discharge through electropneumatic gate
- On request, indicators of minimum and maximum level

- in carbon steel
- in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

Machinery above described could be supplied also in ATEX version if required.

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