Pinch valves

In the manufacturing of pneumatic transportation plants, when it is necessary to intercept the product inside the piping system by a valve for total change-over, CAMImpianti supplies and installs the pinch valves.
They consist in a central cylindric box, while inside an elastic sleeve has been located and fixed to the outlets of the valve by means of bolted counterflanges; by blowing compressed air into the cylinder the sleeve will be deformed towards the axis of the valve and the closing of the same valve happens.
In rest conditions this valve is normally open.

- Box: cast iron, aluminum
- Counterflanges: cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel
- Sleeve: natural abrasionproof rubber, neoprene, rubber for foodstuffs

The valve is delivered together with its control system (electrovalve, connections, pressure switch).
Machinery above described could be supplied also in ATEX version if required.

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