The cyclones for decantation manufactured by CAMImpianti have been planned in order to combine the advantages of a perfect efficiency to those of a minimum encumbrance and a large variety of utilization.

- CDA model for aspiration systems. They are used to separate and to recover the light particle
from the transportation fluids
- CDP model for pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. They are used to separate the dusty air from the conveyed product
- DCDP model for vacuum dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Its use is the same as for the CDP model

- in carbon steel with possible reinforced inlet section
- in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel

For the standard models, the couplings with standard CAMImpianti flanges are foreseen.
If requested, it is possible to supply couplings with UNI, ASA, or other types of flanges.

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