Rotary Valves

The range of the rotary valves manufactured by CAMImpianti can be divided into the following models:
- Model RD, or with crossed flow of product. They are used to discharge the product from one room to another with different pressures. They can be supplied with naked shaft only or equipped with different engines according to their utilizations
- Model RF, or with crossed flow of air. They are used to inject the product directly into the
pneumatic piping systems

- Box in cast iron and rotor in carbon steel
- Box in cast iron totally chromed with thickening and rectified or nickel-plated, rotor in AISI 304/316 stainless steel

Special versions:
- Blunting of the rotor blades
- Application on the blades of adjustable knives, in steel, teflon or abrasionproof rubber
- Painting and special internal coatings based on epoxydic or polyurethanic resins, teflon, nylon, etc.
- Versions for high temperatures
- Versions with spaced supports

Machinery above described could be supplied also in ATEX version if required.

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